Wednesday, June 1, 2011


 One of the first activiites was to watch a video and see if they could figure what conversation page in their system would be appropriate to act that conversation.  On the spot coaching allows the facilitator or "Coach" to answer questions on the fly in the midst of a lesson.  This provides instruction to everyone in the room. Eliminates the need for unnecessary meetings and clears up instructional issues immediately.   While not always appropriate it can be a time efficient method to provide on the spot modeling.

Video Monitoring is another method I used within this classroom to help monitor progress from a distance. The teacher in the classroom created a vimeo account which is a video storage area. It has a free membership with limited storage space or a paid membership for larger storage space.  All videos can remain private and password protected.   Sharing videos of class activities so that I can see what is happening in the classroom from a distance allows for quick feedback.  The teacher can use the account to ask student specific questions and/or lesson questions or show off her good work!